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Victoria Munroe

​I teach skills primarily from Positive Discipline, but also take from other people's work that is similar in approach, such as:

Alfie Kohn 

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish 

Ross Greene (Collaborative Problem Solving) 

Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication) 

Responsive Classroom 

Zones of Regulation 

"A child needs encouragement like a plant needs water."

  -Alfred Adler

All workshops are informative, interactive and presented with enthusiasm. Participants will leave with the understanding of how to use Positive Discipline tools and techniques right away. 

Basic Positive Discipline Introduction: Between 1-3 hours. ($100 per hour including prep and travel, if local.)

On-going Series: Sessions on specific topics ranging from 1 to 3 hours per session. ($100 per hour including prep and travel, if local.)

     Positive Language

     Identifying the Belief Behind the Misbehavior

     Routines and Expectations

     Family Meetings

     Problem Solving

     Positive Time Out, An Alternative

     Parenting Styles

     Positive Discipline Tools


Parenting Workshops "Tupperware Style": If you host and organize a workshop with a group of friends or family, you can get the workshop for free! You can choose the topics, dates, how many sessions and how long for each session will be to accommodate your group. Each person pays $10 per hour.

Professional Full Day Training: Up to 2 days. The full two-day, comprehensive training will cover the concepts of Positive Discipline and prepare professionals to use the concepts in their classrooms with confidence. ($1000 for a full day, $500 for a half day including prep and travel, if local.)

On-going Support and Consultation: ($100 per hour)

Positive Discipline is an approach to discipline that is neither permissive nor punitive, but rather teaches children skills such as problem solving, relationship building, communication, cooperation, respect and responsibility. The common tools of punishments and rewards are replaced with alternative, respectful tools and specific techniques that will encourage children to improve self-regulation, executive functioning, and become independent, respectful and thoughtful individuals. Positive Discipline teaches parents and educators to work with children instead of powering over them. This approach builds strong, meaningful relationships between adults and children. These relationships will build a sense of significance and belonging that will be the building blocks for decision making, value building and self-confidence as children become adults.

​Promoting peace and respect in homes and schools.

School, Camp, AfterSchool, Parents

Training in Positive Discipline is available to fit the needs of any group, whether you are a parent or professional.


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Positive Discipline

Victoria Munroe, the creator of Working With, is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Parent Educator. She is also a practicing classroom teacher with 32 years of experience working with children. Victoria provides training in Positive Discipline as well as other approaches to discipline that teach children social and emotional skills.

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